Scoliosis (sko-lee-OH-sis) simply defined is a curvature of the spine. The spine can appear to take a backward “S” shape rather than a straight vertical line. This can bring with it body-image insecurities as well as back pain in most cases.


Typically discovered during middle school screenings, the nurse asks the patient to bend over while she traces her index finger along the spine. This test is called the Adam’s Forward Bend Test. It’s non-invasive, doesn’t hurt and that’s the extent of it. Sometimes a scoliometer is used which looks like an index card with a curved ruler on it but measures in degree, not inches.


If scoliosis is detected, in many cases, the curve will be slight and never progress to the point of action, treatment or even worry. If a curve does progress, then there are many resources to turn to for information and comfort like this site.


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