What are the signs of Scoliosis?

  1. One shoulder may be higher than the other.
  2. One scapula (shoulder blade) may be higher or more prominent than the other.
  3. With the arms hanging loosely at the side, there may be more space between the arm and the body on one side.
  4. One hip may appear to be higher or more prominent than the other.
  5. The head may not be exactly centered over the pelvis.
  6. The waist may be flattened on one side; skin creases may be present on one side of the waist.
  7. When the patient is examined from the rear and asked to bend forward until the spine is horizontal, one side of the back may appear higher than the other. This test, called the Adams test, is a very sensitive test for scoliosis; it is therefore the most frequent screening test for scoliosis.

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