Growing Up with Scoliosis (A Young Girl’s Story) by Michelle Spray

This is a very personal, individual, thoroughly comprehensive account of what the author felt and experienced while “Growing Up with Scoliosis.” … The book presents things in a real-time, real-world frame of reference. It includes the emotional gamut of fears, anxieties, denials, acceptances, and more, and emphasizes the overriding perspective that one can grow and become a stronger person by successfully meeting and overcoming a challenge, especially a formidable one at a vulnerable time of life. This book details the scope and depth of feelings encountered by nearly every young person who must deal with scoliosis.
The author has had the courage and concern for others to share her deeply personal experience. Countless young people will derive comfort and inspiration from her generosity.
Growing Up with Scoliosis is recommended by The National Scoliosis Foundation.